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CREATE’s Mentoring Program

CREATE’s mentoring program is a key element to the success and future of the San Francisco Bay Area commercial real estate industry. We rely on the experience and motivation of professionals who have made a career out of commercial real estate to mentor incoming professionals.

CREATE is only as successful as the current industry leaders who can submit the time, energy, focus, and dedication to guiding our future San Francisco Bay Area commercial real estate industry experts. Providing fundamental skills and guiding students, you are helping to secure the future of your current career.

We all began our careers as novices, and whether your career has expanded a decade, a few years, or a lifetime, CREATE can benefit from your expertise.

Spend as little as an hour or more a week giving valuable advice, feedback and answering questions as a mentor or as a guest speaker. Your expertise as someone who works daily in the commercial real estate arena will go a long way in preparing tomorrow’s commercial real estate employees.

Providing a Reciprocal Relationship

CREATE provides an opportunity for a win-win relationship between companies that need some extra assistance and students who need on-the-job training. When you find yourself in need of help, spending valuable time, energy, and bandwidth to vet the right fit for your company isn’t always an easy task.

That’s where CREATE can be of assistance. CREATE pairs you and your company with an eager-to-learn student whose background in commercial real estate matches your needs. Our students are industry-ready and depend on you to provide them opportunities for life outside the classroom.

Working closely with our students and offering them hands-on, real life experiences allows you the chance to develop relationships with potential full-time employees and simultaneously prepares them for the workforce.

Interested in volunteering your time toward growing San Francisco’s commercial real estate future? CONTACT US! Your support will go a long way for both you and our job-ready candidates. Your success is their success, and our students may be your future employees.

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