CREATE educates a diverse workforce and connects career-ready candidates to employers in the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) industry.

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The amount of success I've had through CREATE has been incredible. The network that I built through the CREATE program created the pathway to my new position.

Kaitlyn Klinger, CREATE Fellows Graduate 2020, VTS

If you're not involved in this you are missing a great opportunity. Get involved, participate, contribute.

Glenn Good, Brookfield Properties

We’re not only training a CRE workforce through our partnership with CREATE; we’re highlighting commercial real estate as a career alternative in a highly complex, technology focused Bay Area.

Sandra Boyle, Cushman & Wakefield

Keep on looking to CREATE for a talent pipeline because that right there brings so much value to your company.

Christine Mann, Rockhill Management

CREATE's commercial real estate fellows classes support our industry’s growing employment needs.

Tawni Sullivan, Alexandria Real Estate Equities

The CREATE program prepared me for the job and then also through their job board I was able to find a job.

Jered Baker, CREATE Fellows Graduate 2020, employed by RiverRock Real Estate Group

I was able to learn and have a heads up because of the CREATE program. This really was the golden ticket.

Anne Chung, CREATE Fellows Graduate 2021, employed by BXP

Our biggest asset in commercial real estate is our people. Bringing in students from diverse backgrounds will help us ask the right questions and evolve our business to provide an even better product for our clients.

Mark Kelly, ABM

I'm so grateful to the CREATE program for teaching me everything I know to be successful in my job.

Lanie Randrup, CREATE Fellows Graduate 2021, employed by JLL

The best way to get an employee that's eager and hungry to learn more is definitely through the CREATE program.

Amy La, CREATE Fellows Graduate 2021, Employed by JLL

I’ve been so impressed with the quality of interns our company has sourced through CREATE's training program; we’ve now hired several of them as full-time employees!

Rick Buziak, Swift Real Estate Partners

We're on the right track with this program. It's fantastic.

Linda Foster, RiverRock Real Estate Group

The CREATE program gave me that framework to understand how a building operates that I wouldn't have been able to learn without time in the industry.

Marco McCartney, CREATE Fellows Graduate 2021, employed by Cushman & Wakefield

CREATE completely surpassed all of my expectations. Everything I was able to learn in CREATE I'm actually able to put to work everyday. It's not just property management, its leasing, its design and more.

Alexis Escaranio, CREATE Fellows Graduate 2021, employed by CBRE

It's hard to come up with something that would make CREATE better. I truly believe they give you everything you need to get the most out of the program.

Cameron Newcomb, CREATE Fellows Graduate 2021, employed by CBRE

How much have we contributed to the companies that we've worked with? A little donation is trivial compared to what we contribute to these companies.

Cameron Maharaj, CREATE CRE Certificate Holder, JLL