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CREATE provides employers with a progressive selection of career ready employees with relevant industry training and an enthusiasm for a promising career in asset management, development, or real estate. Our students have been groomed for success and are grounded in real world experiences.  They are dedicated, mature, and take initiative-all skill sets that employers are looking for in an employee.

We are proud that the majority of our program graduates gain employment in the industry, and that employers have saved recruitment costs by hiring our top-of-the line graduates.

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CREATE’s eager and motivated students want hands-on experience to build on their success.  We seek commercial property companies and industry suppliers who are eager to offer internships to students in the CRE Fellows Program and beyond.  Internships enable employers to preview the knowledge, skills and abilities of potential employees.  Click here to post your Internship

This consists of a short-term commitment where you will provide a meaningful and relevant work experience to the student. Your responsibility is to provide an introduction to your company and a real-life Commercial Real Estate work environment with tasks, responsibilities, and accountability.

We respect your time and busy schedule and offer complete flexibility.  Please help these students further explore their career interest by offering exposure to observe our industry first-hand: from 3 weeks to 8 weeks, from 15 hours to 40 hours per week, or anything in between. Providing any means of a real-life work environment will not only solidify a meaning work experience but will also groom the student to be hired after graduation.


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Become a Mentor

CREATE’s mentoring program is a key element to the success and future of the San Francisco Bay Area commercial real estate industry. We rely on the experience and motivation of professionals who have made a career out of commercial real estate to mentor incoming professionals.

Spend as little as an hour or more a week giving valuable advice, feedback and answering questions as a mentor or as a guest speaker. Your expertise as someone who works daily in the commercial real estate arena will go a long way in preparing tomorrow’s commercial real estate employees.

Become a Mentor

Contribute to CREATE with a Donation

CREATE and all its programs are fully dependent on donors.  Donations provide funding for college-level training, career-counseling services, paid internships, and recruiting services. CREATE invites you to donate to our cause to help build the future workforce of the commercial real estate industry.

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Questions? Contact Tory Brubaker for more information about any of the programs above.