Help Students Launch Their Commercial Real Estate Careers

College Students are Ready to Intern and Assist You. Industry partnership with San Francisco State University provides workforce-ready talent


The Bay Area commercial real estate industry’s internship program continues to deliver the talent that employers want: job-ready candidates from a lauded university training program.

Thanks to the foresight of real estate industry leaders, an alliance with San Francisco State University, College of Business that began in 2012, now produces well-prepared interns interested in careers in commercial real estate.

SFSU’s Certificate in Commercial Real Estate program was created by industry leaders and continues to offer industry specific training to SFSU students plus scholarships, mentorships, and internships.

Please follow our Internship Host Guidelines to provide the most meaningful internship program.

Our third annual intern selection process is underway.

The intern selection process is designed to provide a quality experience for both the intern and the internship host. It requires an application from the student, reviewed by an industry leader, and then selectively places the applicant with the appropriate internship host company. Interested employers are asked to describe the structure of the internship, e.g., pay, hours, experience provided, and, once that information is collected, the employers are offered up to three students to choose from.

If you are Interested in hosting an intern, please email or call 415.362.2662 x117.