Mentor/Mentee of the Year Announced!

CREATE Careers Committee wrapped up its annual Mentor Match on May 8. Mentors, mentees, members of the CREATE Careers Committee and its Board celebrated a successful 8-week mentoring session which exposed participating students to an increased awareness of the CRE industry.

Congratulations to the 2024 Mentor of the Year, Anne Hill with Lincoln Property Company and 2024 Mentee of the Year, Hope Dang, a CREATE Fellow finishing her 3rd year at SF State.

Thank you to all the mentors for contributing their time and enthusiasm to this results-driven career development opportunity. Your participation makes a difference in the lives of so many students. And best of luck to the mentees, some who will graduate this month, and some who will graduate at year-end or spring 2025. Historically, over 50% of participants in this program have secured entry-level positions in the industry within the following 1-9 months depending on date of graduation.

Thanks to Rockhill Management, Inc.  for use of their beautiful meeting center at 275 Battery Street.

If you are interested in future mentoring opportunities and participating in this results-driven program in person, contact Tory Brubaker at