Internship Host Guidelines

To host a student intern at your company, follow these easy steps:
  1. Review the Intern Host Guidelines
  2. Post your Internship on the CREATE Career Center selecting the internship option.  You’ll be asked to create an account.  Both jobs and internships for entry level positions are free to post for the employer.

The internship can vary in length and frequency. You may choose to have your student work anywhere from 3 to 8 weeks for 15 to 40 hours per week. If your time is limited, 3 five-hour days for 3 weeks can still provide a meaningful work experience and create a new hiring opportunity for your company after the student graduates.   The following example is based on an 8-week experience.

WEEK 1: Provide an Orientation to Your Company, CREATE and the Commercial Real Estate Industry

  • Introduction to all company and building employees
  • Tour of property/surrounding area
  • Arrange to visit a CREATE partner’s office (BOMA, IREM or NAIOP), and/or have them attend an industry event
  • Hold a staff introduction lunch on their first day, or within the first week
  • Overview of the company’s organizational structure and each department’s objective
  • Company policies and procedures
  • Ensure that the student has their own workspace, computer, and necessary peripherals.

WEEKS 2 – 8: Providing Relevant & Meaningful Work

  • Assign a manager to serve as mentor for intern
  • Arrange for student to spend one day (or half day) with each department, if possible: engineering, accounting, construction, leasing, security manager, janitorial manager, parking manager, etc.
  • If applicable, arrange for a tour of different properties within your company’s portfolio
  • Plan specific projects that student can participate and assist with; pull ideas from your colleagues – what work/projects do they have on their back-burners that a student can assist with?
  • Once tasks/projects identified, provide adequate training and direction for student
  • Have intern keep a portfolio of anything they produce during internship
  • Hold weekly progress meetings
  • Arrange tours/visits to other commercial property related business offices

FINAL DAY: Wrapping Up

  • Complete a performance review at end of program
  • Company/mentor and student will turn in an assessment of the program and their experience to the CREATE team