CREATE Fellows 2.0 is a series of eight (8) workshops designed to give participants a deeper understanding of commercial real estate, how value is created, and key fundamentals of commercial real estate as an asset class. Students who complete this course are anticipated to be in a better position to advance more quickly within the industry as a result of their deeper knowledge of real estate as an investment. Participation is limited to CREATE Fellows graduates, SFSU alumni with a CRE certificate or emerging professionals who have otherwise demonstrated a strong interest in CRE. Instructors Jim Arce, Real Concepts, and Nancy Gille, REAL Systems, bring their combined 75+ years of expertise to the course.

Participants enjoyed a building tour as part of the program. Pictured left to right standing on 333 Bush Street roof: Jace Hyde, Tishman Speyer, Building Engineer Aleksandr Snazin; Instructor Jim Arce, Chelsea Chambers, Healthpeak Properties; Chadwick Plath, BRIDGE Housing Corporation; Timothy Demry, and Theodore Deligiorgis.  Kneeling: Instructor Nancy Gille, Jack Pearson, Kilroy Realty. Not pictured, but additional CREATE 2.0 students who have earned certificates include: Istuyee Montez; Marco McCartney, JLL; and Shani S. Blevins.

Thank you to Tishman Speyer who graciously donates both meeting space at 595 Market Street and the use of 333 Bush as the case study building.

If you are interested in future mentoring opportunities and participating in this results-driven program in person, contact Tory Brubaker at or visit